Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

Dev definitely spoiled me this Valentines day! He started the day by making me breakfast and giving me gorgeous, two-toned roses! I was so EXCITED to see what he had up his sleeve:)
All of the Cantwell boys surprised us sister-in-laws with a romantic scavenger hunt:) We started off at the Cantwell home and had many different stops at our favorite places. Each stop had an envelope that contained a poem. I wish I had copies of the poems, because they were the best part! I couldn't believe how poetic these boys were!
The first clue was to "drive down 10600 South and look for the word Red".
Here we are at the Red Mango.
The next clue said, "head to the mall and look for L26"
They had set up appointments for manicures and pedicures! We felt so lucky! Ahhh:) Everyone thought we were sisters, and they were SO jealous of our fun adventure.

The third clue said, "buckle up and head to L12!". This stop led us to our favorite store, The Buckle! We each received a gift certificate:) ....

The fourth clue told us to be "Forever 21 in our new outfits". We headed to Forever 21 to retrieve our last clue and ANOTHER gift card!

We ended the night at Olive Garden where our husbands were there to greet us.


I can't believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband who cares enough to make such a special day for me. I thank the Lord everyday for his amazing example and love he shows me. He is the most perfect person that I have ever met, and I am the luckiest girl in the world!


  1. He's a keeper!

    Nice blog! I will add it to my list to read. Thanks for sharing.
    Grandma Ross

  2. Cute blog Lauren! You are WAY spoiled :) You and Devin are so cute together.

  3. Ok Lauren - look how spoiled you got! First Valentine's day as a married couple...i love it! :) I'm so happy I found your blog! I'll be adding you guys to my list so I can keep track of what you're up to! Hope you're doing well - keep in touch!