Sunday, January 31, 2010


I love my Dev!...and he definitely is an awesome kisser:)

I Love my daddy!

Awww.....I Love my mom too.

It was so fun to have a photo booth:) We had our guests sign the book by their photo.

Loved my cake!

This picture was so fun to take....I got really dizzy.

I Love these boys:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Best Night of My Life:)

On February 13th, 2009 Devin asked me to be his wife forever! How LUCKY am I!!???

It was one of the most amazing nights of my life. It started off with him taking me to the Draper temple open house. I had never been to an open house, so I was very excited. I remember how beautiful that night was and how handsome Devin looked, and I couldn't help but think that there was something special about to happen that night. I had no clue what I was in for! The temple was beautiful, and we were having an amazing time together. As we were driving home from the temple, Devin told me that he had made reservations for Spaghetti Mama's (the restaurant where we had our first date). I thought he was so cute and thoughtful.....little did I know, that wasn't even close to what he had up his sleeve! He asked me if I would like to go to his brother Nick's house to borrow a movie before we went to dinner. Of course, I agreed. When we arrived at the house, I had no clue what was next. As I opened the door to the house, I was blown away! It was the most romantic sight I had ever seen!! Rose petals all over the floor and tables, a dozen roses on each surface, candles everywhere, music in the background, chocolate covered strawberries, and of course my favorite meal, chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden. I couldn't help but burst into tears. I was amazed that someone would go to all this trouble for me, and yet I still had no clue what was going on! I have to give Dev props for planning this day before Valentines, because I would have guessed right away what was going on. After composing myself, we sat down to dinner. I couldn't stop raving about how gorgeous everything was enough to notice that Devin didn't eat a thing. This was so strange since I can't keep up with how much the kid eats. When I finished my dinner, he asked if I would like to come over to the couch and eat the chocolates with him. He sat me down, and starting saying the sweetest, most romantic things I had ever heard from him. Then it happened!!! He got down on one knee and asked me with the most amazing ring I had ever seen!


It was the happiest moment of my life! I am so LUCKY to have such an amazing, wonderful person in my life. I didn't think that I could love him more than that night, but it has amazed me how lovable he is. I can't wait to be with my best friend forever:)

First Post

Well since this is my first post, I feel like I need to catch up on the past seven months. Devin and I have been so lucky, and a lot has been going on.

When we first were looking for places to live, our Bishop asked if we would like to live in his mortuary! Of course I was a little skeptical at first.....who wouldn't be!?? He asked if we would be willing to clean everyday in exchange for free rent. Devin was thrilled about this offer being the thrifty man that he is, but I definitely needed convincing. I finally agreed. Although it is a little scary at times, I am definitely grateful for this generous offer. We have been living here for almost eight months, and even though it is tiresome to have to clean everyday, I can't complain. We are so lucky to be saving so much money, especially when we are both attending school.

Before we got married, I had been living in Provo, working at Downeast Basics, and attending Utah Valley University. Devin was also attending the University of Utah and working for Comcast. When we first got married, I worked for Utility Billing West and Devin had been working for Comcast for about six months. Today, he is still with Comcast and still attending the U. I quit my job, and I am going to Salt Lake Community College full time. Devin is going into dentistry, and I am working toward being a teacher. We are both working hard to achieve our goals together!